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Correct acceptance of stainless steel welded mesh

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One of the acceptance precautions for purchasing stainless steel welded wire mesh is to check whether there is black iron oxide at the weld. Because the welding rod at the welding place is welded and melted with the stainless steel product immediately after melting, its surface is also oxidized into black ferric oxide and ferric oxide slag at the same time, this layer of iron oxide is difficult to dissolve in acid, If it is etched in acid for a long time, the unwelded parts will be severely corroded, which will not only affect the normal deposition of the coating, but also affect the physical and chemical properties of the stainless steel products.

The solution is: make a pointed head knocker, the head knocker is smooth and flat, there are no depressions or sharp places, and the oxide skin is peeled off wherever it goes.

Mileson uses advanced loom equipment for production, with a complete range of products and diversified specifications, and can customize products of different specifications according to customer requirements.

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