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Mesh disease of stainless steel wire mesh

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The mesh disease of stainless steel wire mesh refers to the slight unevenness of the mesh surface, slight curling, point-like oil stains, small sundries, mild wave edges, single broken wires, weft nests, back nose, small pine lines, small jumpers, wrong wires, etc. Twist and so on.

Generally, the number of nets cannot exceed 5 per 10 square meters. Forks, holes (more than 3 broken warps); partial unevenness of the mesh surface; half-cut wefts (length greater than 50mm); sparse and dense channels; slight curling; slight mesh skew; partial wrinkles, creases, corrugations; large Jumper (length greater than 10mm); large loose line, double line, parallel line (length greater than 30mm), ruffles or waves.

The warp and weft are interlaced and not strong, rubbing up and down with the fingers of both hands, the warp and weft threads have obvious loosening and displacement; the mesh is severely skewed, the warp and weft threads on the upper surface of the weaving width are not straightness greater than 4 degrees; holes, half-cut wefts, and large forks; The super large mesh between the radial direction exceeds the tolerance.

The diameter of the warp and weft is seriously out of tolerance; large area with multiple creases; large area of density out of tolerance; large area of weft running, uneven mesh surface; large area of severe uneven color difference, severe mechanical damage. The quality inspection of stainless steel wire mesh must be carried out according to the technical requirements of national standards. Major mesh defects are not allowed, a small number of important mesh defects are allowed, and a certain number of general mesh defects are allowed.

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