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Stainless Steel Square Mesh

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Woven Square mesh normally includes Plain Weave, Twill Weave and Tensile Bolt Cloth.

Plain Weave:

In a plain weave pattern, each weft wire passes alternately over and under the warp wire and vice versa. It is the most widely available pattern and typically incorporates wire of the same diameter in both directions.

Plain weaves are considered to be the most stable mesh form and are used in many applications throughout manufacturing industry.

Twill Weave:

A twill pattern follows the same principle as plain weave, but each passes alternately under and over two warp wires and vice versa.

As a consequence of the woven path, the strand is deformed less during weaving, which not only allows a larger diameter wire to be used but also results in a stronger structure when compared to the plain weave counterpart.

Twill weave meshes are generally woven with apertures smaller than 70 microns, 250 mesh for example, but coarser specifications can be produced when required.

Tensile Bolt Cloth:

Tensile Bolt Cloth, wire dia is smaller than the normal spec. It is square mesh or retangular mesh; it is specified to be applied as screen mesh media.

We conducted the mesh quality based on ASTM E 2016-15 Standard and control raw material based on ASTM A580-14 standard, whilst we could follow customized requirement .

Raw material Grade: 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 310S, 202, 302, 430, etc.

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