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Will the quality of welded mesh affect the mesh uniformity

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Is the mesh of the welded wire mesh uniform? Is the surface flat? These are the two purchase criteria when we purchase this material. High-quality materials have good performance and long service life during use.

Long, comparing this kind of high-quality material with inferior material, we can find out what is the difference between the two?

High-quality materials, the network is very uniform, the grid size is consistent, giving people a very regular feeling, and the surface of such materials is also very flat, and the ring will give people a visual feeling of unevenness.

So there is indeed a big difference between a high-quality grid and a poor grid. The equipment used by many large enterprises in the process of producing welded wire mesh is high-end equipment, so the material mesh produced by these enterprises is very uniform, and the mesh is evenly woven.

On the one hand, it looks better in visual effect. On the other hand, the uniform mesh also means that such a material has better flexibility and can accept greater pressure. If the mesh is unevenly woven, the strength of the material will decrease. It will be greatly reduced, and it is precisely because of the uneven weaving of the mesh that the appearance will be uneven. Now, when many business leaders purchase this kind of material, they will use these two standards to measure.

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