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What Are the Advantages of Plain Dutch Weave Wire Mesh?

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Dutch Weave Wire Mesh is the main element used in a wide range of different industries for filtration. These wire meshes are designed using stainless steel wire material and are completely different from plain weave woven wire mesh and the twill woven wire mesh. The Plain Dutch Weave Screen is made from a coarse mesh consisting of a wire mesh basket, woven wire mesh and mesh wire that is wrapped together.


Dutch weave stainless steel wire mesh is commonly used as filter media. Plain Dutch weaves offer strength and rigidity along with fine filtration capabilities.


Now the plain Dutch weave is very similar to the plain weave, however the plain Dutch weave contains a much heavier wire than the other type. This helps make the plain Dutch weave much sturdier and stronger than a plain weave and is more tightly knitted together for a better filtering experience.


As the weft wire used to design the Plain Weave Wire Mesh is finer wire, this ensures an optimum level of filtration performance. They have a unique and special construction with higher durability and finer openings, thus making them ideal for filter cloth or screen.

Dutch Weave Mesh

 Dutch Weave Mesh

Filter cloth

In terms of filter cloth, the types of weave to be aware of are as follows.


Plain Dutch Weave

This type of weave uses a similar technique to plain weave. However, the warp wires have a larger diameter than the shute wires. he lighter shute brought closer together, which forms a dense filter. This weave is wedge-shaped or tapered at the opening.


Twill Dutch

This filter cloth consists of a combination of twill and dutch weave. This uses a technique where the larger diameter warp threads are passed above and below the smaller shute wires. This caused the shute to be closer and results in a filter cloth that is tightly woven and with wedge-shaped or tapered openings.


Twill Dutch Double

This is similar to Dutch twill weave. However, because of the correct choice of wire size, the shute wires overlap before they are driven into a tight position. This makes for double wires in the shute direction per inch.

Dutch Weave Mesh

 Dutch Weave Mesh


With this weave, both the shute and warp are made from separate wires, rather than single wires. This produces a twill pattern, which makes the mesh very strong and tight.


What Are the Advantages of Plain Dutch Weave Wire Mesh?

The best Plain Dutch Weave Mesh comes with greater mechanical stability and this ensures that you get optimal results without errors. Since it comes with finer openings, it ensures to deliver better filtration efficiency along with quality. The best Plain Dutch Weave Wire Mesh uses the coarser wires and this maximizes the tensile strength.


Dutch weave filter mesh provides superior filtration capabilities for a wide range of applications including pressure, fuel and liquid filters for the aerospace, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining and wastewater treatment industries.


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