Alkaline and Acid Electrolyzer Catalytic Electrodes


The hydrogen production nickel mesh is an important part of the catalytic electrode of the alkaline electrolyzer. Alkaline electrolyzers are the current development hotspot in the hydrogen energy industry. Stone-alkaline electrolyzer is composed of bipolar plates, end plates, electrodes, diaphragms, sealing gaskets and other materials. The electrodes can also be called electrocatalysts and are the place for electrochemical reactions. The catalytic electrode is made by spraying catalysts such as Raney nickel on the surface of a nickel mesh. In the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen, catalytic electrodes are used to guide current through the electrolyte to produce hydrogen and oxygen. Nickel mesh has the characteristics of good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. It is widely used in fields such as electrolysis of water for hydrogen production and fuel cells.


The specific functions of the hydrogen production nickel mesh are as follows:

1. As a carrier, spraying catalysts such as Raney nickel on the surface of the nickel mesh can increase the reaction rate of hydrogen production.

2. Used to separate mixed gases. It has good hydrogen permeability, allowing hydrogen to pass through and preventing other gases from passing through.

3. Used to filter other impurities in the mixed gas, such as water vapor, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases, to further achieve the purity of hydrogen production.


Green development is the foundation of high-quality development. Hydrogen energy is indispensable in the construction of new energy systems. The hydrogen energy industry has high technological content and strong driving ability. It can not only effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, but also spawn new green and low-carbon industrial chains. It is not only a strategic emerging industry, but also a future industry, and it can also promote the large-scale consumption of renewable energy green industry.

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