Home » News » Advances in Chemical Recycling Technology Promote The Development of The Granulation Market And Promote The Upgrading of Filter Demand

Advances in Chemical Recycling Technology Promote The Development of The Granulation Market And Promote The Upgrading of Filter Demand

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Dutch Weave Filter Mesh

With the improvement of environmental awareness and the continuous progress of plastic recycling technology, chemical recycling technology is becoming the focus of the field of plastic recycling. These technologies not only improve the recycling efficiency of plastic waste, but also play a significant role in promoting the development of the plastic granulation market. However, these new technologies also place higher demands on filters, and Milesen insists on continuous innovation to enable its filter mesh to meet these demands with its excellent performance.

In the process of plastic granulation, the role of the filter is crucial. Efficient filter mesh can ensure the purity and quality of plastics. Faced with the high requirements placed on filters by these new technologies, Milesen's filters show unique advantages:

1. **High-efficiency filtration**: Milesen's filter mesh can efficiently remove impurities and ensure overall cleanliness during chemical recycling and plastic granulation processes.

2. **Strong durability**: Suitable for high temperatures and harsh environments, ensuring reliable performance during recycling and granulation processes.

3. **Customized solutions**: According to the needs of different recycling processes, customized filter mesh is provided to meet the specific requirements of various chemical recycling technologies.

Dutch Weave Filter Mesh is a specialized type of woven wire mesh that's designed for high-quality filtration. It features a unique weaving style where the warp (longitudinal) wires are thicker and more widely spaced, while the weft (transverse) wires are finer and closely spaced. This structure provides superior filtration capabilities, making it ideal for fine filtration applications.

Dutch Weave Filter Mesh characteristics and specifications:

Zero Aperture: The tight weaving results in virtually no aperture, offering outstanding filtering performance.

Materials: Typically made from stainless steel wire for durability and corrosion resistance.

Types: Available in Plain Dutch Weave and Twill Dutch Weave, each with its own specific applications.

Reverse Dutch Weave: A variation where the warp wires are finer than the weft wires, providing different filtering characteristics.

Applications: Used in a variety of industries for filtering liquids and slurry products, such as in the cleaning of fuels or hydraulic liquids.

The mesh count, wire diameter, and other specifications can vary depending on the application requirements. For instance, a Plain Dutch Weave might have specifications like:

Mesh/Inch: 80 x 300

Absolute Micron Retention: 32 - 36 μm

Weight: 0.98 kg/m²

Cloth Thickness: 0.25 mm

These meshes are highly effective as filter cloths due to their greater mechanical stability and finer openings for better filtration efficiency. If you’re considering Dutch Weave Filter Mesh for your needs, it’s essential to match the specifications to your specific filtration requirements.

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