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Anping Milesen Metal Net Products Co.,Ltd.

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 Anping Milesen Metal Net Products Co.,Ltd. 

1. Over 10 Years only focus on the field of wire mesh, most of the specifications to achieve spot supply, the same day delivery, so that you quickly occupy the market.
2. Have experienced technicians, quickly solve production problems, so that you order without worry.
3. Has advanced testing equipment, each product will be packaged after inspection.
4. Resolutely resist inferior materials, select high-quality material suppliers, large quantity from the best, to help you save money.
5. A perfect service system to provide you with solutions.


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Factory Address:150m West Of YinWang Road, Old Industrial Area, 
Anping, Hebei, China
E-mail:  admin@milesen.cneverichmetals1999@vip.163.com            
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