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Corrosion resistance mechanism of 316 stainless steel wire mesh

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316 stainless steel wire mesh stainless rust and corrosion resistance refers to its resistance to the surrounding background corrosion experience, or to say that the degree of insensitivity to corrosion initiation, known as passivation . Interpretation on 316 stainless steel wire mesh passivation phenomenon has many theory, for example, from the chemical theory of interpretation, feel 316 stainless steel wire mesh so corrosion resistance, is due to its in utility, and media, which is mainly composed of Cr2 0 appearance will have a layer of thin film, the passivation membrane, the membrane is a unique place is very thin, under the condition of one hundred percent chromium content is greater than 10.5, The average is just a few microns; The specific gravity of the film is greater than the specific gravity of the metal matrix, explaining that the film is very meticulous and precise, because of this, the film is difficult to be broken down by the corrosion media, so the pipe to take care of the metal matrix is not corroded. For example, electron theory, that the blunt state of metal and unstuffed electron layer is related, in the 316 stainless steel wire mesh of iron titanium alloy, 316 stainless steel wire mesh tube price, because chromium is trying to learn from the electron, so that the iron (Fe) atoms miss the electron passivation. Some scholars think that when the chromium content of iron titanium alloy solid solution reaches 1/8(that is, 12.5%), the electrode potential can be increased from 0.56V to +0.2V, the increase of the electrode potential, so that the metal in the electrolyte is more stable, that is, it is not easy to be corrode.
All of this is based on the utility of chromium. In fact, because of the diversity and complexity of the background of the material, other alloying elements need to be added under some conditions to increase and strengthen the corrosion resistance of the material, such as Mo element, which will make the corrosion product M002 close to the matrix and promote the passivation of the matrix; Add copper (Cu) element, so that 316 stainless steel wire screen surface passivation film including Cu0, which does not have the effect of corrosion media, so increase the resistance of the material.


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