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Epoxy Coated Mesh Export

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A 40-foot container of epoxy mesh from a USA customer is about to be shipped, and workers are working hard to pack the goods.

Industrial epoxy mesh is mainly used in hydraulic or air filters as the supporting layers, it is the main part of the filters.

How to choose substrate ? Plain steel, Aluminium, or stainless steel ?

Epoxy Coated Mesh ExportNormally, it depends on the application environment, Hydraulic Filter, we called it as Oil Filter, whatever Plain Steel, Aluminium and Stainaless Steel, as the filter immersed into the oil, rather exposed into the air, so each of them can be anti corrosion; whilst, in economical consideration, Plain steel is best choice.

Buy low priced Epoxy Coated Mesh from Epoxy Coated Mesh factory, We provide good quality Epoxy Coated Mesh from China.

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