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Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh

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Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh as hydraulic filter and air filter supporting layer to backup filter paper or non woven cloth .which used to filter out the system of particulate debris and rubber impurities, to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system and Air Filtration System.

Epoxy coated mesh have such characteristics:

1. Oil immersion corrosion resistance: It can be tested at different temperatures and times by various brands of hydraulic oil media all over the world, and the coating surface is unchanged. It is suitable for special hydraulic filter products of high temperature and high pressure.

2. Weatherproof corrosion: According to the ASTM B117-09 salt spray test standard. It can be tested in continuous 96 hours in the salty environment, and the mesh surface is unchanged. It is suitable for the air filters used in the harsh environment and outdoor environment.

3.Strong adhesion: It can pass the H grade pencil test, 1kg/50cm impact test, Scratch test, anti-fatigue test.

4. Excellent flexibility: Folding the mesh on the bar with radius of curvature 1mm, no breaks on the surface.

5.After slitting and cutting, the edge wire doesn't fall off.

Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh

Milesen Metal Net Products Co.,Ltd established in 2006,after 13 years working experience for oversea market ,Milesen has become specialized wire mesh manufacture and mesh solution provider.

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