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How To Solve Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Weaving Defects

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Stainless steel wire mesh occasionally shows broken or broken wires in the process of using it. What is going on? The oil may be cut off in succession during the mold loading process, which will cause the mold to run a large distance in a short time, the shrinkage ratio will be out of balance, and then the wire will break. The treatment method is to add lubricant to each mold in time to ensure its cooling and lubrication.

When the scale adjustment of the mold is wrong, the proportion of the normal tightening ratio will be disordered during the weaving process, and the thread will be broken. The solution is to ensure the upper scale of the mold. A piece of road in the mold was consumed too quickly, which caused the imbalance of the front and back tightening ratio in the weaving, and the broken wire flashed. The solution is to transform the mold and adjust the tightening ratio before and after until it is normal.

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