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How to distinguish the wire mesh quality?

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Filter mesh is abbreviated as a filter mesh. It is made of wire mesh of different meshes. Its function is to filter the melt flow and increase the resistance of the flow, so as to filter out mechanical impurities and improve the effect of mixing or plasticizing.

It has the properties of acid resistance, alkali resistance, temperature resistance and wear resistance; it is mainly used in mining, petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, machinery manufacturing and other industries. The filter is divided into a textile fiber filter and a metal filter. Machines that install filters are called filters that filter natural water and food.

Filter screens also have many different quality differences, so you need to have a meaning when purchasing, what is the difference in the quality of such products? The important thing is the difference in materials. The divergent metal materials will have a different bearing capacity. When they are combined with cement, they will have different traits, so the application quality will be very different. Of course, the difference between these qualities will also have some price performance. The ordinary low quality is also relatively low in price because of the poor material. What aspects can be different from the quality of the filter mesh? The filter mesh has another difference in its welding process. This kind of product is the result of welding steel or wire. Let us study more on this quality evaluation aspects.

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