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How to test the number of stainless steel mesh

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Stainless steel mesh users in receiving mesh (especially high mesh mesh), a common problem is how to detect whether the mesh mesh is qualified. Screen products can be suitable for the production of scientific research needs, the following simple detection methods.

A simple method is to use a vernier caliper, 1 inch /25.4mm, how many mesh, this method is suitable for products below 100 mesh, higher mesh mesh is not suitable.

One method is to use the fabric warp and weft density mirror, as long as the density mirror and the mesh warp parallel, density mirror on the stripe and mesh stripe diffraction, can reflect a clear diamond, diamond sharp Angle of the upper and lower end of the scale is the mesh number. Density mirrors can now detect 500 mesh screens.

One way is to use a magnifying glass, a simple magnifying glass can be used for the following 200 mesh products, and then a high mesh number screen needs a graduated magnifying glass, a graduated magnifying glass scale is generally 1mm, you can count the number of holes in 1mm, multiplied by 25.4, even if the mesh mesh. General high mesh mesh is best with a graduated electronic magnifying glass, ranging and other functions to take photos.

These are a few simple ways to check the mesh number of the screen, if you are interested to study or further discuss about this topic,welcome to inqury !

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