Hydraulic And Air Filter

What is air filters supporting layers mesh?

Industrial epoxy mesh is mainly used in hydraulic or air filters as the supporting layers, it is the main part of the filters.

1. Hydraulic filter

Hydraulic filter are used in hydraulic systems, Used to filter out the system of particulate debris and rubber impurities, to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system.

Feature of product

(1) Includes Sub-high pressure section, middle pressure section, Oil back section and oil absorption section.

(2) Includes High Middle, Low accuracy. 2—5um high accuracy, 10—15um middle accuracy, 15—25um low accuracy.

(3) For the compression filter finished product size, increase the filter area, the general filter layer folded into corrugated, hydraulic filter pleat height generally below 20 mm

(4) Hydraulic filter to withstand the pressure difference is generally 0.35-0.4MPa,But the individual special filter, required to withstand high pressure, the highest requirements to withstand 32MPa, or even 42MPa equivalent system pressure.

(5) The maximum temperature, and some requirements to 135 ℃.

2. Air Filter

A particulate air filter is a device composed of fibrous or porous materials which removes solid particulatessuch as dust, pollen, and bacteria from the air. Filters containing an adsorbent or catalyst such ascharcoal (carbon) may also remove odors and gaseous pollutants such as volatile organic compounds orozone. Air filters are used in applications where air quality is important, notably in building ventilationsystems and in engines.

How to choose substrate ? Plain steel, Aluminium, or stainless steel ?

Normally, it depends on the application environment, Hydraulic Filter, we called it as Oil Filter, whatever Plain Steel, Aluminium and Stainaless Steel, as the filter immersed into the oil, rather exposed into the air, so each of them can be anti corrosion; whilst, in economical consideration, Plain steel is best choice.


How about Aluminum wire? Normally it will be used as substrate of cold air intake system; As Aluminum wire even exposed in air, colour changed, but still silver colour, will not pollute the filter paper.

What we do?

We set 40 sets plain steel mesh weaving looms in site, mesh opening accuracy, warp and weft wire straightness, mesh defects control, dimension control efficiently grantee raw mesh quality; Epoxy power has different brands, we normally choose anti oil power for industrial use; and anti corrosion for civil use.

We equipped with simple performance simulation laboratory. The test includes Salt Spray, Pencil Hardness Test, Paint Film Impact Test, They are used in the epoxy powder incoming inspection, product process quality inspection, and new products development inspection.

Anti -corrosion Test According to the ASTM B117-09 salt spray test standard. It can be tested in continuous 96 hours in the salty environment, and the mesh surface is unchanged.

Strong adhesion Test. It can pass the H grade pencil test, 1kg/50cm impact test, Scratch test, anti-fatigue test.

Main Specification of the Epoxy Coated Mesh
No. Substrate material Specification Width Length
1 Q195 18x14/0.18 20mm-1300mm 30m-300m
2 Q195 12x10/0.254 20mm-1300mm 30m-300m
3 Q195 22x15/0.18 20mm-1300mm 30m-300m
4 Q195 22x20/0.18 20mm-1300mm 30m-300m
5 AL5154 17x15/0.26 20mm-1300mm 30m-300m
6 AL5154 18x14/0.21 20mm-1300mm 30m-300m
7 AL5154 18x16/0.25 20mm-1300mm 30m-300m
8 AISI304/316 18x16/0.21 60cm-150mm 30m-300m
9 AISI304/316 18x16/0.23 60cm-150mm 30m-300m
Milesen could customize powder.spec.and dimention


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