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Let's take a look at the material the mask is made of

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Let's take a look at what kind of mask is made of. What kind of mask is harmless to the body? Gauze or space cotton? Under normal circumstances, all qualified masks are colorless masks, which are made of gauze or non-woven fabric without chemical treatment. The more common labor protection mask is made of multiple layers of pure cotton gauze superimposed, no irritating odor, and these gauze masks have good air permeability and filtration, relatively safe and relatively clean.

Most of the fashionable color masks in daily life are made of chemical fiber fabrics, and few of them are made of pure cotton gauze. The patterns and colors of such masks will be dyed, that is, printed and dyed, which may cause irritating odor. It is worth mentioning that there is a kind of gauze made of colored cotton, without printing and dyeing processing. Some color masks have different colors inside and outside, and poor air permeability. Although they are beautiful to wear, there are health risks. Therefore, Sally still suggests that when purchasing gauze masks, you'd better go to regular channels or gauze manufacturers to purchase, rather than buy from roadside stalls for convenience and cheap, or simply pursue beauty and fashion while ignoring the functions of the masks themselves.I guess one day some professers will study new media mask with ultra fine mesh ,which has better performance to stop the bacteria.Let's expect it!

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