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RDT Mesh Screen Changers

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RDT Mesh Screen Changers

Reverse twill dutch weave Mesh is planned to deliver.

Ribbon –type screen changers use long or continuous screen material that moves through the polymer flow channel. The screen is pulled by a hydraulic clamp or pushed through the melt by the melt presure. As the melt pressure increases, it pushes the screen forward to provide clean screen for filtering; This is a semicontinuous process, with the melt pressure acting as the driving force to provide fresh screen. The screen is a continuous ribbon that is sealed to prevent polymer leakage by cooling the ribbon where it enters and exits to form a polymer seal. This systems provide continuous filtration with minimal moving parts and a simplified system.

We call this Ribbon –type screen as RDTW belt, this belt will be directly put into the machinery, Normally the width of the belt is 55mm-200mm and 2 or 3 different meshes is in a compound mode, with high rate and low rate.

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