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Revelation! How to buy the right stainless steel filter

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To stainless steel filter factory custom filter need to know what you know? Stainless steel filter is widely used in industry, medicine, aerospace and other industries, we in the stainless steel filter factory consulting filter need to know what? We can buy the right filter, Milesen stainless steel filter mesh factoryI have a wealth of experience in receiving customers, in conversation with customers found that many customers purchase stainless steel filter for the product is not very understanding.

A. Material: There are many options for materials, such as galvanized iron, stainless steel and copper. Different materials are used in different environments. For example, copper and stainless steel are commonly used for filtering oil substances. Filter dust products galvanized iron can be. Water, liquids, etc. must be filtered with stainless steel. The stainless steel is divided into 201,304,316,316L and other materials.

B. Filter precision: Filter precision refers to the particle size of the filter. The larger the number, the larger the particle size of the filter.

C. Structure: For example, you need to fix the stainless steel filter screen, you need to add a threaded joint or flange at the joint.

D. Purchase quantity: the more the quantity of stainless steel filter screen, the cheaper the price. This is because the manufacturer needs to comprehensively consider the problem of cutting material and production scheduling when accounting the price, as well as the freight generated by transportation.

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