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Stainless Steel Dutch Weave Mesh

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In a Plain Dutch Weave, the diameter of the warp wire is larger than the weft.

The mesh is formed by weaving a limited number of warps with the maximum number of weft wires woven tightly together, producing a cloth with no readily visible apertures. This mesh is strong and stable, easy to clean and with a good flow rate suitable for high-pressure liquid / solid separation.

Twill Dutch Weave Mesh Pattern:

Twill Dutch Weave is produced with the weft wires packed together in the same principle as Plain Dutch Weave but with double the number of weft wires woven in an over two, under two pattern.

The weft wires overlie each other creating a sinuous path of filtration. The cloth is very robust with a smooth surface and the finer weft wires and smaller pore sizes provide excellent flow characteristics.

The finest filtration rates are obtained with this type of weave.

Max Width for Dutch Weave: 3 Meters which is unique mesh dimension for such fine mesh in woven mesh industry in China; Available stock for 2.5-3m are 2 micron and 5micron.

Manufactured as a Reverse Plain Dutch Weave in a twill pattern, which reduces the deformation of the warp wire, this cloth is very stable and particularly strong in the warp direction with a high flow rate.

Alloy: Normally it is 304, 201 material can be customized.

Demension: 100mm, 127mm, 150mm, 156mm, 165mm in width; 10m and 20m in length.

High Tensile warp wire configurations, a part of Auto Screen Changers used in the plastic extrusion industries.

Special characteristics:

· High Tensile Warp AISI 304 wire for Auto-Screen changers used in the Poly Extrusion Industry. The AISI 304 Warp Wire's Tensile is 1300Mpa-1600Mpa.

· High Tensile Warp Copper Coated Carbon Steel wire for Auto-Screen Changers used in Plastic and Rubber Extrusion industry. The Copper coated Carbon Steel Warp wire's tensile is 1500Mpa -2000Mpa.

· Rubbed Edges after slitting to help with tracking for Auto-Screen changers.

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