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Stainless Steel Filter Disc Suppliers

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Stainless Steel Filter Disc, also known as the stainless steel screen filter disc, is a metal filter disc.The stainless steel filter disc has excellent acid and alkali resistance and can be used under very harsh conditions, especially for acid gas filtration.

Stainless Steel Filter Disc Suppliers

What is disc filter used for?

Disc Filter is a type of water filter used primarily in irrigation, similar to a screen filter, except that the filter cartridge is made of a number of plastic discs stacked on top of each other like a pile of poker chips. Each disc is covered with small grooves or bumps.

What is the difference between screen filter and disc filter?

In screen filters, particles are trapped on the surface of a perforated cylinder. Disc filters have many grooved discs pressed together, and the particles are retained in the grooves of the discs. In media filters, solids are caught by the particles of gravel or sand.

Stainless Steel Filter Disc:

The material used to produce these filters is AISI 316L or AISI 316 stainless steel. They are made by uniaxial compaction of powder in a rigid tool with the negative shape of the part, and then sintered. The pore size is adjusted by changing the compaction pressure and/or the particle size of the powder.

Stainless Steel Filter Disc Features:

Physical properties: high tensile force, high dirt holding capacity, high strength, high pressure resistance, accurate filtration rating, abrasion resistance, good wear resistance, high temperature resistance.

Chemical properties: acid, alkali and corrosion resistance.

Process properties: uniform controlled porosity, long service life, precision punched burr-free, compatible with most fluids, weldable, easy loading and unloading, cleanable and reusable, etc.

Stainless Steel Filter Disc Application:

Stainless steel filter discs with high acid and alkali resistance can be used in very hash conditions.

Water filtration: sewage water treatment and distribution, etc.

Gas filtration: aerospace hydraulic, high temperature gas, gas distribution system, etc.

Petroleum industry: oil sands separation, lubricating oil, hydraulic start oil filter, etc.

Metallurgy: acid cleaning mesh in electric plating industry, etc.

Other fields: high pressure filter medium, chemical industry, pharmacy, machinery, dust removal, fluidized, etc.

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