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Stainless steel mesh mesh number and mesh relationship

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What is the mesh number of stainless steel mesh, mesh number and stainless steel mesh size what is the relationship?
Stainless steel mesh is one inch of the number of mesh, the calculation formula for stainless steel mesh =25.4/ (wire diameter + mesh) an inch is 25.4 mm, is a value to measure the mesh range. It can be deduced that the mesh size is 25.4/ mesh - diameter that is to say, stainless steel mesh in the same diameter of the mesh is proportional to the mesh size, but if the size of the wire diameter is changed, stainless steel mesh size is unchanged, stainless steel mesh is inversely proportional to the diameter of the wire. That is to say, under the premise of the same number of stainless steel mesh, the thicker the wire diameter will affect the mesh size, the finer the wire diameter will be larger. The mesh range is determined by the diameter of wire mesh, mesh size.
The smaller the stainless steel mesh, the number of stainless steel mesh is the same that the use of stainless steel mesh diameter is coarse, is a direct impact on the production process of steel wire mesh to increase the weaving strength and enhance the firepower of solder joints, is also the reason for the change in the weight of stainless steel mesh and the reason for the change in the price range of steel wire mesh.


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