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The application of mesh

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Metal mesh products as a good screen mesh, filter mesh, shielding mesh, printing mesh, supporting mesh, widely used in daily machinery, food machinery, engineering machinery, printing, environmental protection, sewage treatment, chemical industry, powder, medical machinery, dyes, pigments, abrasive, dust removal and other industries.

Food industry: tea tea set filter, soybean milk machine filter, flour screen, winery filter.

Daily-use electrical appliances: lampblack filter, lampblack filter, lampblack unit filter, air conditioning filter, thin oil station filter, air filter.

Environmental protection industry: power plant desulfurization filter, decontamination filter, sewer filter, dustproof net, water plant filter, dust filter, PM2.5 filter.

Biological industry: cell screen, pharmaceutical screen.

Electronic industry: shielded network.

Printing industry: printing screen, screen printing screen.

Powder industry: powder screen, coating screen, dye screen, abrasive screen, calcium carbide screen, silicon carbide screen, refractory screen.

Machinery industry: oil tank filter, oil filter, centrifuge filter, refueling machine filter, vacuum pump filter, gas inlet filter.

Plastic industry: Melt plastic filter.

Other industries: paint filter, coal tar filter.

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