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The necessity of heat treatment for stainless steel wire mesh

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Stainless steel wire mesh has always been loved by people, and its corrosion resistance is especially valued. The surface of stainless steel mesh is flat and bright, and it will not rust, and it can resist harsh weather. Then, such a good product must have its special treatment. The stainless steel wire mesh has its characteristics only after heat treatment.

Heat treatment technology is also a key link in the whole production process of stainless steel mesh. The strength and hardness of stainless steel mesh after explosive welding are increased. The plasticity is reduced, which is not conducive to subsequent straightening and use requirements.

The process of heat treatment is actually to eliminate the internal stress after explosive compounding. Improve plasticity. However, since general stainless steel has its own solution treatment system, it is inevitable to conflict with the heat treatment system of carbon steel, such as ultra-low carbon duplex 00Crl8Ni5M. 3512, 00Cr22Ni5M03N, etc. stay below 950Y for a long time to precipitate the brittle phase between Fe-Cr and gold, which will seriously deteriorate the plasticity and intergranular corrosion resistance of stainless steel, while the general normalizing temperature of carbon structural steel is 890Y Nearby, long-term overheating will lead to coarse grains and reduced toughness.

A combination like this is particularly important in the selection of heat treatment temperature, holding time and cooling system. In addition, the heat treatment system also has a great influence on the shear strength of stainless steel mesh. Take 1Crl8Ni8T1+16Mn stainless steel mesh as an example. , Bending performance and elongation can be significantly improved with the increase of heat treatment temperature.

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