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What to pay attention to when purchasing welded mesh

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Welded wire mesh is generally used in the field of construction as a building material for construction. For example, the quality of construction mesh and galvanized welded wire mesh must be strictly controlled. Now with the increasing number of welded wire mesh companies, galvanized welded wire mesh products are also more and more in line with the requirements of the construction market. If there are more products, the quality of natural products will increase. It will be uneven. In the application process of some welded mesh construction mesh, there may be open welding phenomenon. In fact, the open welding phenomenon of welded mesh often occurs. The reason is nothing more than the problem of warp and weft wire welding. , it may be caused by the dirt on the wire, or it may be that the time and welding pressure of the warp and weft wires are not accurate enough during the welding process. 

This technology needs to be mastered by welded mesh workers after a long period of exploration and practice. . So what kind of galvanized welded wire mesh can be of good quality for customers? Therefore, I would like to remind all customers and friends to pay attention to purchasing good quality galvanized welded wire mesh.

When customers buy welded wire mesh, they will generally tell the manufacturer to have enough meters, thick enough wire diameter, up to the standard weight, and a series of problems such as mesh holes that meet the specifications. Of course, the manufacturer must meet the standards for these problems. If you can't even meet the most basic requirements, then there are many reputable manufacturers, and such manufacturers will not be able to retain customers. Whether the customer understands the welded wire mesh industry, the manufacturer will know the content of the customer's speech. If the customer tells the manufacturer that he is not a professional customer of the welded wire mesh, the price given by the manufacturer will naturally not be To be honest, if the customer speaks every sentence in the process of communicating with the manufacturer on the central point of the welded wire mesh industry, the manufacturer will know that he is a professional when he hears it, and he will naturally lower the price of the welded wire mesh to the lowest . So how to communicate with the manufacturer? This is also a communication skill.

First, the communication process should be simple and neat. The customer should think about how to communicate before describing the specifications with the manufacturer, so that the manufacturer can know that the customer is an expert and a professional who often contacts the welded wire mesh industry.

Second, the key points should be emphasized in the communication process. After discussing the specifications of the welded wire mesh with the manufacturer, the customer should tell the zinc layer of the welded wire mesh or some loopholes that often appear on the body of the welded wire mesh to ensure the integrity of the quality of the welded wire mesh.

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