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Wholesale High Quality Crimped Wire Mesh

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China Manufacturer Crimped Wire Mesh, Crimp means "wave or curl" in English.

As the name suggests, this wire mesh is made by sandwiching vertical and horizontal wires together by imposing wavy bends on the lines.

Since the vertical and horizontal lines are closely intertwined, the grid shape is better maintained.

Its wire diameter is also relatively thick, and it is stronger than ordinary flat-woven mesh.

The pore size of crimped wire mesh is usually expressed by the distance (gap) between the lines.

Because it is easier to make than ordinary flat-woven mesh, the degree of freedom in setting the mesh is greater, and it is easier to make in size.

The types of wire include stainless steel, galvanized wire (the amount of plating can be specified), iron wire, brass wire, etc.

This type of mesh is often used for barbecues because the mesh maintains a good mesh shape even at very fine wire diameters. 

It is used in many fields such as screening, filtration, drying, interval, safety and so on.

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