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Wire Mesh Exhibitions

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It is a good promotion way when customer see us in some exhibitions ,especially some professional exhibition ,which relatives with products and products applications.We had participated 4 exhibitions in last 2 years.Our sales department had a very deep understanding about customer requirement and what is their real demands ;not judging from products’ spec. ,needs to consider the products applications ,so what is the authentic requirement?Is it mesh defects ,mesh tension ,mesh dimension or other individual aspects?Or customers pays high attention to commercial issue ,such as pricing ,payment term or ….

To promote our products in different exhibitions need us take other existing customers into consideration

Milesen Metal Net Products Co.,Ltd established in 2006,after 13 years working experience for oversea market ,Milesen has become specialized wire mesh manufacture and mesh solution provider .98% of products has been exported to oversea markets mainly in Asian Pacific Markets and some European countries.If you are interested ,we are here !


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