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Wire mesh is a factory-made product made from interwoven lustrous metal wires that have been merged and interwoven to form consistent parallel spaces with symmetrical gaps. A variety of materials are used to make wire mesh, but the main materials usually come from metals. They include: mild steel, high carbon steel, copper, aluminium and nickel.


The main functions of wire mesh are isolation, screening, structuring and shielding. The services or functions provided by wire mesh or wire cloth benefit the agricultural, industrial transport and mining sectors. Wire mesh is designed for the movement of bulk products and powders due to its strength and durability.


Manufacturers use two methods to produce wire mesh - weaving and welding. Weaving involves the use of industrial weaving machines, particularly rapier weaving machines. Manufacturers can use the looms to weave many different standard and custom patterns of mesh. Once completed, the manufacturer loads the meshes onto rolls, which are then cut and used as required. They call the horizontally or vertically woven threads the warp and the vertically or horizontally woven threads the weft. Welding is the process by which metalworkers electrically bond the wires at the points where they intersect. The metalworker completes the welded wire mesh product by cutting and bending it into shape. Welding creates a strong mesh that will not fall apart or come apart.

Types of wire mesh

There are several types of wire mesh. They are classified according to the way they are made, the quality/function and the weave pattern. Wire mesh varieties named after their fabrication and/or quality include: welded wire mesh, galvanised wire mesh, PVC coated welded wire mesh, welded reinforced steel grids and stainless steel wire mesh.


 Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh 

Welded Wire Mesh

Manufacturers make this type of mesh from square patterned metal wires. By electronically welding them, they form a very strong mesh. Welded wire mesh products are ideally suited to the following applications: security fencing where visibility is required, storage and shelving in warehouses, lockers, animal holding areas in veterinary clinics and animal shelters, practical room dividers and pest traps.


Welded wire mesh is well suited to these applications because 1) it is durable and can withstand environmental challenges such as the elements, 2) it can be securely fixed in place and 3) the height can be customised. When a manufacturer makes welded wire mesh from stainless steel, it is even more durable.


Galvanised wire mesh

Manufacturers use their galvanised plain or carbon steel wire to create galvanised wire mesh. Galvanising is the process by which the manufacturer applies a zinc coating to the wire. This zinc coating acts as a protective layer to prevent rust and corrosion from damaging the metal.


Galvanised wire mesh is a versatile product; this is particularly so as it is available in both woven and welded types. In addition, manufacturers can use a variety of wire diameters and opening sizes to manufacture galvanised wire mesh products.


Manufacturers may galvanise the wire mesh after it has been made, or they may galvanise individual wires and then form them into a mesh. Galvanised wire mesh may initially cost you more money once it has been made, but will usually produce a higher quality result. In any case, galvanised wire mesh is usually quite affordable.


Customers purchase galvanised wire mesh for countless applications, some of which include: fencing, agriculture and gardens, greenhouses, architecture, building and construction, security, window protection, infill panels and more.





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