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Woven Mesh Manufacturer

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As a Woven mesh Manufacturer, share with you.

Woven mesh, also known as processed parts or molded parts, refers to the further processing of woven wire cloth into semi-finished products. Our fabric meshes are available in a variety of materials, meshes and weave structures. From simple cuts to complex and structurally efficient geometries, prefabricated meshes can be cut into square, rectangular, round or special shapes by cutting, punching and edging to meet the requirements of filter elements for filtration, separation and various industrial purposes specific requirements such as test sieves, melt and polymer filters, leaf filters and extrude  filters.

Woven Mesh

Woven mesh is our main products, including stainless steel woven mesh, Epoxy Coated mesh, galvanized woven mesh ,Brass Mesh and Mesh Further Fabricated Items: Slitting mesh & mesh discs;

Our Woven Square mesh: Mesh 1-Mesh 635 with plain weave and twill weave,  Dutch weave includes Plain Dutch Weave ;Twill Dutch Weave and Reverse Dutch Twill Weave ;We adopted news design looms with Numerical Control for more accurate micron performance.

Woven Mesh

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