​Specific Applications of Filter Mesh in Plastic And Rubber Granulation

Filter Mesh is an important component used to filter impurities and contaminants in molten plastic materials during plastic and rubber extrusion processes. It is installed in the extruder barrel between the screw and the die. They can be placed in different locations within the barrel, such as in the crushing plate or in the filter assembly, depending on the specific extrusion process and the level of filtration required.

Our Filter Mesh is made of steel, stainless steel, galvanized wire and brass wire mesh. It can be single or multi-layer wire mesh. Multi-layer extruder screens are fixed by spot welding or aluminum frames. In addition, they come in a variety of shapes, including circles, disks, ovals, rectangles, cones and other special shapes. Our extruder screens are available in different filtration rates to meet different filtration applications. Wire mesh comes in many designs and sizes, the common ones are 20/60/120/60/20 mesh square plain mesh and mini 100um square twill mesh weave and Dutch weave from 8um to main application


1. **Screen filtration during extrusion**

During the plastic and rubber extrusion process, the molten raw materials need to pass through Filter Mesh to remove impurities. Typically, Filter Mesh is located at the melt filter or die inlet, ensuring that contaminants in the plastic melt do not enter the final product.

2. **Plastic Recycling and Recycling**

In the plastic recycling and recycling process, Filter Mesh removes paper scraps, dust and other impurities from waste plastics, ensuring that the recycled plastics produced are of high purity. It provides important quality assurance for the production of recycled pellets.

3. **Equipment Protection**

Filter Mesh can also be used to protect downstream equipment, reducing damage or clogging caused by foreign matter in the melt, and extending the service life of the equipment.


Configuration and design

1. **Weaving method and material**

Filter Mesh is usually made of stainless steel wire or ordinary steel wire, and has various weaving methods such as plain weave, twill weave, Dutch weave, etc. to adapt to the filtration needs of impurities of different particle sizes. Its shape and configuration can be customized according to the process requirements of the specific application.

2. **Multi-layer and combined structure**

The multi-layer structure of the screen can combine different mesh layers to form a multi-stage filtration system. By superimposing screen layers with different mesh numbers, more precise screening of impurities of different particle sizes can be achieved and filtration performance can be enhanced.


In the plastic and rubber granulation process, Filter Mesh is an important component to ensure high-quality products. Reasonable selection of weaving method and mesh number, combined with appropriate replacement and maintenance strategies, can ensure production efficiency and reduce downtime. The structure and material of the screen can be customized according to different filtration requirements, providing diversified configurations to adapt to various plastic granulation processes.

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