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Stainless Steel Printing Mesh

Stainless Steel Printing Mesh

Milesen's stainless steel printing mesh is made of ordinary stainless steel wire with high tensile strength and yield stress properties. It is an ultra-thin stainless steel woven mesh with uniform mesh, good fastness, uniform mesh and smooth surface, ensuring high precision printing results. Stainless steel printing mesh is suitable for various types of printing, such as textile printing, ceramic printing, glass printing and electronic printing.

The stainless steel printing mesh supplied by Milesen is known for its excellent dimensional stability and narrow tolerances for the overall fabric thickness, and provides uniform and accurate apertures. Dimensional stability and flexibility enough to stretch and print high elongation, roller sealed screen printing mesh with minimal non-contact distance. This feature ensures the most accurate and consistent screen printing results. Contact us for more product information and favorable prices.

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