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What is Wire Cloth Used For?

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Wire cloth is a versatile material that is used in a number applications across multiple industries. Also known as woven wire cloth or wire mesh, it’s a flexible and durable product that can be found in products ranging from food and beverage production to optical lenses.

What Is Wire Mesh?

With a wide range of types of wire mesh available, there are thousands of unique applications. Wire mesh is an exceedingly adaptable product that can be produced in multiple specifications.

The most common applications for wire cloth screens and wire cloth filter products are used in industrial and manufacturing work, particularly filtration and separation. Wire cloth is used in wastewater treatment plants, petrochemical facilities and juice manufacturing to reach the desired pulp level.

Mesh Further Processing Item

Among the most common industrial applications for wire mesh are:

— Agriculture

— Automotive

— Chemical and petrochemical

— Coal

— Construction and building

— Food and beverage

— Mining

— Plastics

— Pharmaceuticals

— Textiles

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It can also be used in commercial products such as insect screens or animal fences. Among the other uses are:

— Security mesh to protect windows or stairwells

— Fireplace screens

— Gutter guards

— Bird screens

— Ventilations

1Mesh Further Processing Item

Wire cloth is used in many different areas. It is available in many varieties of weave and material. It is a type of product which can be used for several different types of protection, support, and custom applications.

Most wire cloth is woven together through a specialized process in industrial factories. Through the fabrication process, a cloth is made which has different types of densities. This varies from fine woven to wire woven mesh, precrimp space wire, and precrimp wire mesh. With each of these, there will be a different thickness of the material as well as different spacing used in the weaving.

Beyond the different ways which wire cloth can be put together are the many types of materials that can be used in its design. This includes aluminum, brass, bronze, steel, stainless steel and copper. 

Mesh Further Processing Item

Mesh Further Processing Item

Typical examples of wire cloth types include decorative, insect screens, micronic mesh, steel, shielding mesh, stainless mesh, sintered mesh, and welded stainless mesh, as well as many others. Each of these different types of material will provide different spaces throughout the weave as well as be able to serve different purposes because of the different densities supplied by each material.

There are several different things which wire cloth can be used for. Sifting, screening machinery, draining paper pulp, window screens, conveyor belts, as well as other types of protections are all made through wire cloth. It is also fairly popular in fencing applications for different types of animals, as well as an ideal choice for insect screening. 

Some wire cloth is also used as a design and framework for architectural uses. Wire cloth is becoming more popular in the building of houses because it protects the foundation of the building and also helps insulate attics and ceilings from airflow and moisture damage. Others use wire cloth simply for decoration or to increase value to a certain design. Wire cloth comes in several different shapes and sizes to serve any need.

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Milesen's Slitting of Wire Cloth is truly an art as this operation. Our custom designed Wire Mesh Slitting machines can handle mesh rolls up to 60" in width and have the capability of slitting down to as small as 1" wide coils with +/- 0.5mm width tolerance.

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