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Common Types of Filters

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To help purify media, many different industries use filters to trap and contain contaminants and other debris while allowing the desired liquid to pass through. 

Filters are systems or components used to remove substances such as dust or dirt or electronic signals when passing through a filter medium or device. Filters can be used to filter air or gases, fluids as well as electrical and optical phenomena.

Hydraulic And Air Filter

Common Types of Filters 

Below we list and describe the most common filters by type.

What are Air Filters?

An air filter is a system or component that removes particles from the air as it passes through the filter element, either as a complete system or as a separate replacement element. Key specifications include intended application, physical size, filter type, filter media, and air flow rate. Air filters are used in systems where particle-free air is required. They are also used to clean the air before it is discharged. Air filter systems typically consist of a filter element and a housing containing that element. 

Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh

Applications of Air Filters

Air filters are used in HVAC systems, paint booths, compressors, engines, electronic equipment housings, clean rooms, etc., anywhere there is a need to remove particles, dust, odors, microorganisms, etc. from the incoming air. 

They are used on the discharge side of many industrial processes where the process air must be cleaned before it is returned to the environment. Air filters are used in compressed air systems, often as part of an assembly called a filter-regulator-lubricator (FRL), to filter the air used to power compressed air equipment. Respirators and masks typically use replaceable cartridges as personal protective equipment.

Applications of Hydraulic Filters

Hydraulic filters are used to filter the hydraulic fluids used in fluid power systems. They are typically supplied in a spin-on form similar to the design of an automotive engine. Some common applications for hydraulic filters include control systems in power plants, steel mills, pulp and paper mills, and everyday applications in hydraulic construction equipment.

Hydraulic filters are primarily used to filter unwanted debris or contaminants from fluids and are used in hydraulic cylinders or other systems that use hydraulic fluids. Depending on the application, filters may require different materials or types. Components typically remove particulates.

  Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh


Depending on the application, filters may require different materials or types. Components typically remove particulates.Key specifications include filter type, filter material and physical size. Key specifications include filter type, filter material and physical size. 

Epoxy coated wire mesh is usually used in different filtration applications, as an assistance layer for hydraulic filters and also air filters, making certain good pleating results, giving maximum air flow and also peak filtering.

Epoxy coated wire mesh is generally used as an assistance layer for purification. It is ideal because of the stability and also economic situation of the structure. It is the almost all of the filter.

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When epoxy coated wire mesh is utilized as epoxy coated filter cable mesh, as a hydraulic filter as well as air filter assistance layer to sustain filter paper or non-woven textile, used to strain bit pieces and also rubber impurities in the system to make certain the hydraulic system And also the cleansing of the air filter system.

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