Hydraulic and Air Filter

We set 40 sets plain steel mesh weaving looms in site, mesh opening accuracy, warp and weft wire straightness, mesh defects control, dimension control efficiently grantee raw mesh quality; Epoxy power has different brands, we normally choose anti oil power for industrial use; and anti corrosion for civil use.

We equipped with simple performance simulation laboratory. The test includes Salt Spray, Pencil Hardness Test, Paint Film Impact Test, They are used in the epoxy powder incoming inspection, product process quality inspection, and new products development inspection.

Alkaline and Acid Electrolyzer Catalytic Electrodes

The hydrogen production nickel mesh is an important part of the catalytic electrode of the alkaline electrolyzer. Alkaline electrolyzers are the current development hotspot in the hydrogen energy industry.
The catalytic electrode is made by spraying catalysts such as Raney nickel on the surface of a nickel mesh. In the electrolysis of water to produce hydrogen, catalytic electrodes are used to guide current through the electrolyte to produce hydrogen and oxygen. Nickel mesh has the characteristics of good electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. It is widely used in fields such as electrolysis of water for hydrogen production and fuel cells.

Sand Control Screen

We perform the following tests and/or inspections listed below on woven mesh. Light table inspection. A 100% surface area light table inspection shall be performed based on ASTM E 2016-15 and ISO 17824 standard. Aperture testing. Glass bead testing shall be performed, once per master roll. The test procedure shall be performed if customer has this customized requirement. Stainless steel mesh developed in 1980s. Consists of base pipe,layered filtration jacket and outer shroud. Less demage occurs during installation. Corrosion resistence of stainless steel mesh.

Vertical Leaf Filter
Stainless Steel wire mesh owns a typical charateristic is anti strong acid and corrosion;and plays a vital performance in typical area and industries.Stainless steel woven mesh is a indispensible part of pressure leaf filters:
There are two types of filters classified according to shell design:
· Horizontal Pressure Leaf filters
· Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters
Filtered cake can be discharged as dry or wet cake: For cake drying dry steam or hot air is used. For wet cake discharge additional spray nozzles are provided. Pressure leaf filters finds wide applications in different industries such as edible oil, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals & fine chemicals.
Filter Mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh and ordinary steel wire mesh are mainly used for plastic and rubber filtration. Extruder screens are an important part of the melt filtration and extrusion process.
Our extruder screens are made of steel, stainless steel, galvanized wire and brass wire mesh. It can be single or multi-layer wire mesh. Multi-layer extruder screens are fixed by spot welding or aluminum frames. In addition, they come in a variety of shapes, including circles, disks, ovals, rectangles, cones and other special shapes.

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